Describe the main characters.

My characters names are all based on the animals I’ve known, even some of their quirky characteristics have been used. I love to people watch and listen so I take different aspects of people and my imagination does the rest.

Are the main characters based on real people?

Not really. I try and let my imagination create unique people, although I have a soft spot for Aidan Turner the actor in Poldark. So yes for my character Dan.

Is the book based in a specific area? If it is, why that area?

The novel is based in four main areas. London, because now and again I like the hustle and bustle of city life. St.Albans, I like the countryside there, Whitby, North Yorkshire and Seahouses in Northumberland. I love the last three places with a passion, I have galloped on the beach at Seahouses and Bamburgh and been to Whitby so many times it’s like a second home.

Is the story or are parts of the story based on real events?

Some aspects of the horse riding incident in Northumberland and horses bolting that I’ve witnessed and been involved in. Thankfully we got the pony under control before the main road loomed.

Was much research needed to write the book?

My life is one big research. I love taking notes of things and making them into different stories.

Is this book part of a series?

Yes. I am just writing book two. Two Moments Of Madness.

Have other people read it already? What was their reaction (hopefully positive)?

My copy editor Joan. Liz Young who wrote several mainstream Romantic Comedies and a close friend. All have loved it. It has some amazing reviews.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

When I was writing the film script I was told by ScreenwritingU to push the envelope. So I did and Anything For Love is the result.